Ways of Cooking Millet:


  • Breakfast Porridge : One of the most common ways to eat millet is as breakfast cereal or porridge. To make it creamy instead of fluffy, simply cook in more water. Add brown sugar, maple syrup, or fresh fruit and serve. For another breakfast recipe, try porridge made with millet, dried figs, oranges, cinnamon and ginger. Enjoy your healthy food.











  • Healthy Appetizers

           Make fries out of Millets. Kids love to eat the oil fried snacks. Rather than using rice muruku, Besan flour bonda, you can try making Millet murukku. Enjoy your healthy food.













  • Breakfast for Dinner :

           Upma is a popular breakfast dish of South India. It is usually made with rava. Instead of rava use millet. While preparing Millet upma, add lots of vegetables that add tastes to your dish and also suits for either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Possibly, include veggies of your choice and do have variations everytime you cook. Just prepare like upma by cooking with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fresh ginger, garlic, green chiles and curry powder for a flavored, healthy meal. Enjoy your healthy food.